One of Russia's Best Beaches Falls to Olympic Construction Project


Imeretin Valley Beach near Sochi might become a construction site. Recently local court upheld a lawsuit that was filed by a developer company towards local ecologists. The latter tried to resist the destruction of a unique nature object at the Black Sea. The developer states the construction to be a necessary measure for strengthening of the coastline near the Olympic objects. However, the construction site stretches by 8 km, which is apparently too much!

Imeretin Valley Beach as it looked like in 2006, before the Olympic construction

It also became evident that the beach is divided into 20 separate territories. The activists are sure that these territories are to be granted to local enterprises for construction of recreational objects. It was one of the best country's beaches with natural pebbles and cleanest water, they say... Ecologists are not giving up though: they plan to file an appeal lawsuit to Krasnodar Court.

Photo: Wikipedia.