One Greenhouse for Fish and Veggies


Farm on topOrganic fresh fruit and vegetables are quite a challenge for residents of big cities. Some deal with it by growing greens on window sillls at home or concern buying a summer house in the country. There is one solution for this problem found by designer Antonio Scarponi, member of Urban Farmers Movement. He designed a farm that could be placed on top of any building, Globe/Hedron.

To be honest, roof farms are not that new: they are used in many urban districts all over the world. However, Globe/Hedron is not only for vegetables, it is also for fish! The farm consists of a glass dome supported by bamboo pillars. First level of Globe/Hedron is for aquariums, while the second one hosts plant beds. Know-how of the production is a patented Aquaponic system. It recycles fish excrements that are used as a fertilser for plants. On the other hand, plants help to filter the water for the fish. Electricity for the farm could be obtained from solar panels installed on the dome.

Aquaponic system

One small farm could produce enough food for a family of four, says Scarponi: about 100 kilos of fish and 400 kilos of veggies yearly.