Oldest Ice to be Looked for in Antarctica


A group of European scientists began studies which aim to find layers of ice ages 1.5 million years with canned air inside. The obtained samples will tell about the Earth's climate in the past and make future forecasts more accurate.

Oldest Ice to be Looked for in Antarctica

The project is designed for three years. During this time, experts hope to find and study the ice deposits that have become witnesses of the glacial period changes to interglacial period. The study of the chemical composition of the old ice will help to find out what the temperature was on our planet many years ago, and the analysis of air bubbles will show how many of various gases, e.g., CO2 were kept in the atmosphere.

The expedition members will have to find out the thickness of ice layers, their physical properties and topography of the bedrock.

Earlier, in the early 2000s, a team of scientists has managed to obtain samples of the ice age 800,000 years.