Oil Spill Moving Along The Irtysh River


A large petroleum stain was spotted near the village of Ust-Zaostrovka in West Siberia, Russia. The area, which is covered by oil film, is constantly growing and moving in the direction of Omsk. Its width is seven to ten meters, and the length is circa two kilometers. Local experts confirm that the film is caused by dumping of 200 liters of diesel exhaust. Fortunately, this situation won't have a negative impact on the ecological system of the Irtysh and doesn't threaten the safety of area residents.

The oil spill on the Irtysh River is taken under control

Rescuers urgently mounted a barrage made of fabrics resistant to aggressive environments. This will stop the drift of the oil slick, while experts will collect the dirt. Besides, samples of Irtysh water were taken from the spots not affected by the spill. The analysis revealed no excess of maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances. It is not yet reported which company has taken the responsibility for the accident.