Octopus Evolutionary Leap


It turns out that the ability to find and use tools is not unique to primates. Julian Finn, the scientist from Victoria Museum in Melbourne found out that shellfish have this ability. Particularly, octopuses. He saws one of the representatives of these cephalopods who had caught a coconut shell, and had dragged it to an unknown destination. As it turned out that he need a shell for a very important reason.

Octopus decided to explore new territories in which there was no natural shelter. And in order to protect himself from predators, he decided to take a portable coconut shell house. If we consider that to make this decision the mollusk at least needed the ability to predict, it turns out that he is much smarter than we thought. Such cases of coconut shells or similar items usage as portable shelters by octopuses was not previously recorded. However, a video eliminates what happened was an accident, scientists believe.