Oceanographers Videotaped Unique Anemone


During a recent expedition in American Samoa, scientists have learned a lot about the inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most amazing creatures that they were able to meet was actinium Venus flytrap.

As the eponymous carnivorous plant, underwater Flycatcher is grabbing her victim by tentacles. Stinging cells with microscopic harpoons are located on the tentacles, harpoons are throwing poison. This weapon also is used by the sea anemone for protection. Venus flytrap was detected by a deep-water apparatus with a remote control.

Expedition aboard the Okeanos Explorer lasted from 16 to 26 February. It became a part of a three-year campaign to raise important scientific information in protected areas of the U.S. and its surroundings. Only in American Samoa, there are three marine reserves.