Ocean Was Raging On Mars Long Ago


The very fact of water existence on the Red Planet is considered repeatedly and indisputably proven. However, most scientists believe that Mars had rivers and lakes, and just recently there appeared convincing evidence that the northern part of the land was occupied by a large water source, comparable to the Atlantic Ocean. There are two evidences: first, boulders scattered across the surface of the northern part of Mars , and second, specific contours of riverbeds.

Rocks on Mars are a proof that the northern part of the planet was covered by ocean

Boulders, according to experts, are the result of landslides on the ocean floor. Exactly the same sandstone blocks - Jackfork Group - are in the southern part of Arkansas, and it is proved that there had been an ocean. This is also evidenced by soil deposits around the volcano Olympus: they are similar to the same scurf around the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, last year experts examined one of the rivers in the north of Mars, came to the conclusion that there was adelta. And deltas exist only at the flowing of the river into a larger body of water .