Noah's Ark Turns Into A Pirate Ship


Republic of Khakassia (Russia) local, Vitaly Krakhmin, decided to construct a replica of Noah's ark to save his fellow citizens from the Great Flood of nowadays, predicted by the Mayans. At least that's what the tourists that saw the ship in a dock at the Yenisei River told the press. Apparently, the flood has nothing to do with the ship, for it is an exact copy of the Black Pearl, a vessel of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow's ship to be constructed at the Yenisei River of Khakassia, Russia

The ship is planned as a major tourist attraction, and it is almost finished. Vitaly and his three helpers work on the interiors at the moment, having already invested three million roubles (100,000 dollars) in its construction. The ship is totally green: it is equipped with solar panels and windmills for electricity, and it is made of wood. It is planned that there would be a real Russian sauna or banya, along with several hotel rooms inside the ship. There would also be a free camping spot for those tourists that can't afford to spend few nights on the pirate ship.

Photo: Alexandr Marchenko for SmartNews.