No Fish on Earth in Forty Years


All fish would be extinct in 40 yearsBiosphere has survived five periods of mass extinction of species. Now we are experiencing the sixth. It may result in extinction of almost all living creatures, including Homo sapiens, said Ashok Khosla, president of IUCN at a press-conference in Moscow.

The last, fifth, period occurred 65 million years ago and led to total extinction of dinosaurs, which was provoked by a natural catastrophe. Contemporary apocalypse was created by humans. Excessive deforestation, pollution of the environment and poaching leads to extinction of hundreds of species daily.

There are 19.6 thousand of species that are currently at risk of extinction, which is one-third of all species inhabiting Earth. Extinction rate increases year after year. Some scientists suppose that Earth would be left uninhabited by 2050.

However, Mr. Khosla does not believe such dramatic forecasts might come true. What really may happen, says the ecologist that by 2050 mo fish would be left on Earth. The UNO statistics proves his point, in a way: peak of fishery was in the beginning of XX century, while since 1950s amount of caught fish keeps declining steadily.

Besides, Khosla has also claimed that the Ocean would take up several island states within a hundred years.