New Lake Adorns the Altay Valley


Ice on the Katun River was melted to fill the new water body, an artificial lake. It is expected to be a place of touristic attraction in the nearest future.

The lalke is filled by the melted ice taken from the Katun River

Square territory of the artificial lake is 51 hectares. In October 2012, whenever the ice set on the Katun River, the construction company began the filling process, which is over today. It is planned that various developers build several hotels and apartment blocks on the lakeshores, along with other objects of tourist infrastructure. The lake would also be equipped with safe beaches suitable for swimming and sunbathing.

The Altay Valley economic zone, developed for tourists, haven't had any water body for safe swimming and diving, so the artificial lake would meet these needs. Moreover, the tourist interest towards the Altay region keeps constantly growing. With the construction of a specialized economic zone it would be visited by 84 thousand people per year, with average expectancy of stay of eight days, the experts forecast.

Photo: Shutterstock.