New Islands in Red Sea Will Stay for a Long Time


Two new land pieces in the Red Sea were formed by volcanic activity in 2011 and 2013, and they seems to stay there for a long time, experts believe. The islands appeared in the territorial waters of Yemen and became part of the archipelago Az-Zubayr. Islands were already given names. The older was called Sholan and the younger one was called Jadid. Initially, both new islands quickly grew, but after a while decreased in size due to erosion - because nothing grows on the new earth.

Now the island Shola, who grew up between the islands of Haycock and Tough in the result of 25 days eruption, has reduced by about a third. The same thing happened with the Jadid island, which is located between the islands of Saba and Saddles. The volcanic eruption that gave rise to it, lasted for 54 days. Scientists also report that suvh volcanic activity in the Red Sea was not previously observed.