NASA Satellites Detect Grave Oceans Pollution


Traces of unthoughtful marine navigation could not be seen with a naked eye, but a device installed on one of NASA satellites makes them rather clear: nitrogen dioxide pollutes our seas and oceans. This toxic brownish-red gas is a base of nitric acid, and it is very harmful for almost all living creatures on Earth, including humans. Main source of nitrogen dioxide pollution is proven to be internal combustion engines of speedboats and ferries, the ecologists assume.

Seas are polluted by nitrogen dioxide

This map of nitrogen dioxide pollution was based on photographs taken by Aura, NASA satellite, since 2005 through nowadays. The darker the color, the larger the concentration of the pollutant in the waters is. As we could see, the most polluted is the Indian Ocean, especially between Sri Lanka and Singapore. Another hot spots are the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea of the Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean. There are also vast zones of pollution in the Pacific, along China's coastline, tracking the marine routes from China to Singapore.