Moscow Snow Is Not Poisonous. What a Surprise!


Experts examined sampples of snow from several districts of the Russian capital and were shocked... by its immaculate purity! Apparently, the index of chemical pollution in all samples meets all the standards set in Russia for drinking water.

Moscow snow is immaculately pure!

Journalists of one of popular federal newspapers gathered snow samples in five districts of Moscow and sent it to the lab for examination. In a week and a half everyone was stunned by the results: heavy metals concentration in the melted snow was significantly lower than critical.

All other pollution indexes including sodium concentration were normal as well. However, samples of snow collected at the sidewalks contained 140 times more sodium than those gathered in parks. It could easily explained by the use of table salt, or sodium chloride, as the main deicer of Moscow roads and sidewalks.

The cleanest snow was collected in the district of Golianovo, which is considered one of the most polluted. Obviously the most polluted – according to the lab test results – is Savelovsky district, one of the greenest in Moscow.

Photo: Shutterstock.