Millions of Children in the World are Facing Water Scarcity


According to the UN children's Fund (UNICEF), by 2040, about 600 million children on our planet will have problems with access to drinking water. These data are presented in the report that the organization has prepared for the World Water Day, March 22.

Millions of Children in the World are Facing Water Scarcity

Specialists note that today already 36 countries suffer from limited access to water resources, and due to the deficit of clean water, more than 800 children under 5 die every day. For 156 million children of this age, water scarcity becomes a cause of developmental delays.

Access to water can be limited due to natural disasters, drought and military actions, which destroy water infrastructure. Worse things with water are in Nigeria, Somalia, Southern Sudan and Yemen.

According to the forecasts of UNICEF, in the next 20-30 years the situation will get worse. Each fourth child on the Earth is about to die from the lack of water. Thus by 2050, the amount of water for each person in the world will be reduced by half due to the population growth. The crisis is especially visible in tropical regions.

States are encouraged to review the policy in the field of water supply and sanitation to increase the volume of existing reservoirs and to take control of the most water-intensive types of production.