Million Fishes in Germany Passed through River Stairs


Over one million fishes passed through a fish gateway that was constructed to divert its migration routes from nuclear power plants and dams. Fish migration gateway was constructed in the summer 2010 on the Elbe River near Hamburg, Germany, to divert the routes of fish that migrate from the North Sea to the Elbe for spawn.

Over a million fish used the Elbe gateway

This gateway constructed by German energy company, Vattenfall, is a row of fifty shallow connected ponds. The length of the row is 550 meters. Speed of the stream is high enough to attract the fish, but not too high to disrupt its swimming motions. Thus, the fish from the North Sea can get upstream to the Elbe river for spawn.

Experts from German Institute of Appplied Ecology assume that over the past 2.5 years the gateway was used by 45 fish species, such as salmon, eel, oceanic herring, walleye, pike and catfish! Over 40 000 fish pass through the gateway daily, scientists say.