Microplastic Is Called Main Ocean Threat


Californian scientists have presented a new report on the pollution of the oceans with plastic waste. According to research by the Los Angeles Institute of 5 Gyres, which is dedicated to plastic pollution problems, at the moment in the ocean waters has accumulated 269,000 tons of plastic waste. In order to substantiate this assessment from the point of view of science, in the last six years, they had to make 24 cruises and collect a decent amount of data. Unfortunately, the current level of contamination was much higher than previously thought. The main part of the debris falls into the ocean from rivers and coastal areas, as well as is being thrown overboard from ships.

Микропластик – самое опасное вещество для морских глубин

List of found things is very diverse - plastic bags, bottles, toys, toothbrushes, roll-on deodorants, and even the toilet seats. However, the most dangerous state caught in the ocean polymers is so-called microplastic. It appears in the result of the destruction of large pieces by sun, waves or other factors. According to 5 Gyres experts, its part in the total amount of waste is 92 percent. Microplastic particles are often no larger than a grain of sand which helps them to reach even the polar regions. The most frustrating feature of crushed plastic is the content of toxic substances that may be eaten by fish and marine animals and get higher through the food chain up to humans.