Marine Mammals Rescue Center Accepted Two New Patients


Specialists of Marine Mammals Rescue Center in Repino are now three times busier than before. Last night they rescued two Baltic gray seal pups. One of them was found on the ice near Ust-Luga Marine Port, and another one crawled up to a local fishermen who was at the beach of Vistino village. Both locations are in Leningrad region, to the south of St. Petersburg. Both cubs have severe deficit of body mass – 65% to 70% of normal weight. Marine Mammals Rescue Center experts do their best to help the cubs recover.

Female gray seal is the weakest patient of the center: she keeps sucking on her blanket to comfort herself

Both pups can't eat on their own, so they are tube-fed with a mix of minced fish, fish oil, vitamins and rehydron. Vets say they have already had an experience of recovery of seals with such severe dystrophies, so the cubs have all the chances to live a long and healthy life.  

Male gray seal who crawled to a fisherman is a lot stronger and shows aggresstion