Marine Fauna Has a Chance to Survive in Acid


Подкисление океана: есть ли шанс у морских организмов?Acidification of the ocean is a rather fresh problem, which has not been well researched yet. It is known that the Oceans consume about a third of carbon dioxide emitted by humans. Experts of five research institutions all around the world decided to measure the level of water acidification in different regions of the Oceans. Their goal is to figure out the influence of greenhouse gas emissions on the ocean chemical composition.

Nineteen researchers involved in the project performed the measurements with the newest equipment – meters developed in Scripps Institution of Oceanography, California (US). These devices define pH-ratio and temperature in the top 70-meter layer of the ocean.

Experts dropped the meters in 15 regions of the ocean, and found out that pH differs a lot from spot to spot. However, it doesn’t sound very optimistic: some spots have an acidity level which was expected only by the end of XXI century.

Scientists also noticed that such unevenness of pH is good for marine fauna: species have a chance to get used to the increasing acidity level.