Map of Earth Lakes was Made


McGill University (Canada) inflicted on the world map data on more than 1.4 million lakes, obtained with the help of satellite observations and computer modeling. This will help to learn more about the role of lakes in the ecosystem and their impact on the Earth's climate.

Map of Earth Lakes was Made

Information received from the satellites, allowed scientists to compare the height of various points of the terrain above sea level, after which the lake depth has been calculated.

The study showed that the total water volume of 1.4 million lakes is about 180,000 cubic meters, and their total area is more than 10 hectares. Life period of some reservoirs is up to 100 years.

The coastline of the lakes is about 7 million kilometers, which is almost 20 times the distance from Earth to the Moon, and four times the length of the coastline of the oceans. If water mass of lakes was distributed evenly over the surface of the Earth, the depth at each point would be about 1.3 m.