Looters Left Seals Without Cameras


Tyuleniy Island near Sakhalin, Russia, has been a breeding-ground for many fur seals and sea lions for a long time. But this time peace and quiet of pinnipeds was interrupted by vandals. A group of unkbown people illegally lived on the reserved island and did what they wanted, as there were nobody else there. The result of such a "civilized vacation" was a heap of waste and broken fences which separated scientists and animals. But the most important thing is that the looters stole 10 videocameras used to monitor the inhabitants of the island.

Looters Left Seals Without Cameras Scientific research on the island has been stopped. The fences could be restored by volunteers, but buying new cameras requires extra funding. The island will be brought to order the next spring, because there will be no birds and seals at that time. Tyuleniy Island situated in 12 km from Sakhalin is more that one kilometer long. Large ships don't come close to its shores, aircrafts are forbidden to fly near its borders. The aim of this reservation is saving northern birds and mammals, including fur seals who has been endangered until recent time.