Layered Lake: Shake, But Don't Mix


озеро МогильноеAn amazing lake with a gothic name Mogilnoye (Grave Lake) is situated at the Island of Kildin, Murmansk region of Russia. Uniqueness of this lake is in its very special layered structure.

The lowest layer consists of rotting organic remains, which makes it rich in hydrogen sulfide, toxic gas. Next layer is full of bacteria that create a live shield for hydrogen sulfide by eating it. This layer sparkles with purple due to the color of bacteria. Third layer is salt water from the Sea of Barents, which leaks to the lake through a natural gravel dam. It is a home for polar jellyfish, several species of crustaceans, starfish and sea cod.

The upper layer is freshwater: Mogilnoye is situated several meters higher than the sea level, and it gets water from melting glaciers as well. It is inhabited by freshwater species.

Mogilnoye is the only layered lake in the world.