Lake in the Altai Mountains Washed Away by Heavy Rainfall


A lake in Altay mountains completely disappearedOne of the most beautiful lakes of the Altai has been completely demolished by mudslide which resulted from heavy rainfall in the mountains of Northern Chuya Ridge. Rivers Chuya and Ak-Tru burst its banks, which led to a mudslide near Ak-Tru Glacier.

Tourists were shocked to see how a stream of mud eroded a moraine that "locked" the Maashey lake. And the water simply went away from the lake bed. Tourists say that the former lake turned into a river. Maashey Lake was formed about a century ago as a result of a local landslide that blocked the bed of the Mazhoy River. Local experts are sure that it is impossible to bring the lake back after the mudslide.

Lake turned into river