Lake Baikal to Be Saved from Plastic Disaster


Lake Baikal will be saved from plastic bag disaster: the latter are to be outlawed both for tourists and local residents within a couple of years. Authors of this initiative assume that it would decrease manmade pollution to the ecosphere of the most ancient lake on Earth.

Paper bags would replace plastic ones in Baikal Region

Authorities of Irkutsk region and Buryat Republic of Russia are starting a campaign to encourage the use of paper bags instead of plastic ones. Package made of durable craft paper is much better for the environment than PET bags that decompose over 400 years! The project is still to be prepared to: designers create the most convenient types of paper bags, while marketologists select retail points for them.

Paper bag campaign is a part of a largescale federal program developed to improve ecological situation of Baikal region. It is also planned that by 2020 there would be built 44 landfill storages for municipal waste and 9 garbage recycling stations. All these methods would help to reduce municipal waste by 94%.