Lake Appeared on Tunisian Map


Shepherds found an amazing mystery of nature in arid Tunisian region. Pond, called «Lake Gafsa» or «Gafsa Beach»by locals, is located not far from Gafsa town and is pretty large. Hundreds of people have tried the lake as a place for spending week-end and were very happy with it, because the water there is clear and there are rocks easy to dive from.

Gafsa Lake


Tunisian authorities haven't comment on the appearance of the lake, but local geologists suppose that «Gafsa Beach» lake is the result of seismic activity, which made ground waters come to the surface. And everybody could have been happy if not one detail: water in the lake can be contaminated. The soil in the region is full of phosphates, which can cause high radioactivity. Morover, the water in the lake doesn't flow, becomes stagnant and changes color from blue to green due to algae blooming. However, it is not oficially prohibited to swim in the lake, and most of the tourists don't pay attention to the warnings. More than 600 people have visited the lake since it had been discovered.