Labrador Sets a World Record for Fetching Used Plastic Bottles


Tubby the Labrador fetches plastic bottles to recycleAnimals are tired of waiting when people finally clean the Earth from their garbage. Tubby the Labrador from a Welsh town is the world's most renowned recycler of plastic debris. It took him six years to collect over 26 thousand plastic bottles – which is a good enough result for Guinness World Record Book.

Tubby picks at least three bottles on his twice daily walks in Torfaen. The dog crushes the debris with his teeth and fetches them to his owner, Sandra Gilmore who takes the bottles to a local recycling center.

Animals help to clean the planet from plastic trash

Perhaps Tubby likes the sound a crushed bottle makes in his mouth, but Guinness World Records representatives are sure that it is his environmental concern that makes him look for plastic in parks and squares.

Labrador from Wales makes it for Guinness World Records

Local authorities also acknowledged Tubby's contribution to environmental health of Torfaen.

Plastic bottles