Japanese Pyramids Are Hidden under Water


Egyptian pyramids are not the only ones on Earth. There are also Inca pyramids in Peru, Nubian pyramids and ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia and Persia. By the way, these amazing buildings could be found not only above, but also under water.

Underwater pyramid in Japan

In 1987, Japanese diver Kichahiro Aratake, who was exploring underwater abysses near Yonaguni Island of the Japanese archipelago, suddenly ran (or swam?) into an enormous construction of pyramidal shape. Southern side of the monument has gigantic stairs. It is 24 meters high, 55 meters long and about 20 meters wide. Actually, it is a center of an underwater city, which includes large number of buildings with a stadium, castles and statues. The city features a complicated road and water facilities networks. One of the monuments resembles the famous Sphinx of Egypt! Divers have also found ruins of several statues looking somewhat like Moai sculptures of Easter Island, Chile.

Руины древнего города у острова Йонагуни

Some scientists suppose that Japanese underwater pyramid is a natural construction slightly shaped by ancient people. However, most researchers believe that Yonaguni pyramid and its surroundings are traces of ancient highly advanced civilizations that existed 10 thousand years ago, but were destroyed during the Ice Age.