Japan Drills the Deepest Well in the Pacific


The place for drilling is very important for the quake-stricken islands of the Japanese Archipelago. Is is located near the most seismoactive place of the Pacific, the Nankai Rift. The drilled well is 3058 deep, which is, by the way, four times less than the deepest natural well, the Mariana Trench. The hole would become deeper within a year: by the end of 2014 the Japanese researchers plan to reach 5200 meters deep underwater. The goal of the researchers is rather practical: to explore the reasons of the harshest earthquakes and tsunamis on Earth.

Chikyu means 'Earth' in Japanese. This is what the vessel looks like

The well is drilled by the team of Chikyu Research Ship, or Earth in Japanese. Even after the drilling process is over, the well made by the Chikyu team would not be the deepest manmade borehole in the Earth crust. The depth of the now abandoned Kola Superdeep Well in the North of Russia exceeds 12 thousand meters. However, the Pacific well could not be compared to the Kola Superdeep, strictly, since the latter one does not involve underwater drilling of the Earth crust.