Italian Fisherman From Caught Huge Catfish


Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari got a huge catch: he hooked a wels catfish weighing 127 pounds and 267 inches long on the Po river. He has taken pictures of the giant and filmed it on video, after what he released it back to freedom. Wels catfish or sheatfish is the largest species of fish inhabiting fresh water ponds in Europe. They originally inhabited the rivers and lakes of Eastern Europe, but in the seventies of the last century they got into waters of Spain and Italy.

In warm water and in the absence of natural enemies they reproduced. And some of them grew up to 300 kilograms and 4.6 meters long. They stop growing after reaching maturity, but for some individuals the growth lasts a lifetime. Catfish eat small fish and crustaceans, as well as hunt for birds and rodents. This is one of the few large European fish species that are not threatened with extinction.