Iron Ocean Keeps the Global Warming Away


Fitoplankton inhibits change klimata British researchers found out that global warming could easily be postponed. All we need to do is enrich marine waters with iron, they conclude.

Biologists discovered that phytoplankton grows more rapidly in ocean zones with higher iron concentration. Plankton consumes carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas on Earth.

However, some experts are afraid that marine ecosystem could be damaged by increased growth of the algae. In order to prove the opposite, scientists from Aberdeen, Liverpool and Southampton conducted an experiment near the Crozet Islands in the South Pacific.

One archipelago ecosystems was saturated with iron coming from leaching of volcanic islands. Another ecosystem was overall similar to the first one, but with less iron in water. On comparison it appeared to be that first ecosystem was rich in various organic materials, which would give life to a greater number of biological species. Needless to say that first ecosystem included more phytoplankton pumping out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, than the second one.