Ice is Floating on River Lena


As reported in Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic Yakutia, Russia, since the last day the ice on the Lena has advanced to 34 kilometers and reached the village of Krestovsky. The length of the ice drift is 58 km and the water levels do not exceed critical.

Ice is Floating on River Lena

The opening of the Lena in the Olekminsk-Khatyn-Tumul section is expected on 11-12 May, on the Pokrovsk-Yakutsk section - on May 15-16.

Five exploders squads were mobilized this spring in case of ice congestion. The basin water management is observing the flood conditions. If necessary, residents of flooded areas are ready to help rescuers from the GIMS.

Before approaching flood waters, the population is advised to collect documents and valuables in advance and place them in garrets, as well as follow the reports on the water level in the river.