Huge Meteorite Fragment Found at the Bottom of Lake Chebarkul


Huge fragment of meteorite, which flew over the South-Ural city Chelyabinsk in February 2013, was found at the bottom of the Chebarkul lake. Its weight is 600 kg; the meteorite itself weights 11 tons. Experts have been searching for more than a year, and since then they have managed to make four magnetic recordings using quantum magnetometer equipped with GPS-binding.

It’t weight is 600 kg; the meteorite itself weights 11 tons

Back in 2013 experts detected an anomaly on the bottom of the lake just in the same place where later they found a hole in the ice after the fall of the celestial object. Later the largest to date meteorite fragment weighing 550 kg was found on the hole periphery and was passed to the museum of local lore in Chelyabinsk. Today five divers are working in the lake and searches were not stopped for a single day. The problem is that at a depth of 9 meters visibility in the water is reduced to zero, and that's why the whole meteorite is failed to be taken out.