House Inside Rock With Pool Roof to Build in Lebanon


Unusual home, designed by Greek architects, will appear in the Lebanese mountains near Beirut, at an altitude of 1600 m above the sea level. The house is completely hidden in the rock, and water will splash over the heads of people living there.

House In With Pool Roof to Build in Lebanon

According to the concept, the roof of the villa would be made of highly durable glass, so that it would be possible to place the pool on it, through which the light could get inside the house. One of the walls will also be also completely made of glass.

House In With Pool Roof to Build in Lebanon

The house was named Casa of the Brutale, and its interior is really brutal: dining table made of concrete, wooden benches, a minimum of decoration. In the area of 270 sq. m. up to 6 people can be accommodated. To get inside you have to go down the stairs which has 50 steps.

Investor plans to finish the construction in 2018. It will cost about 2.5 mln dollars.