Heat Bubble Appeared in Pacific Ocean


Washington University offered to call a huge plot of warm water in the Pacific Ocean a «thermal bubble». It is about one thousand square kilometers, and its temperature is at least two degrees Celsius above normal. This site appeared in 2013, but the attention was given to scientists only last autumn. And only now they are ready to share the results of their research.

A vast area of ​​low pressure over the ocean, which prevented the mixing of warm and cold water, has contributed to the appearance of «bubble». As a result, heat gets into a trap. Now the area of ​​anomalously warm water stretches from Alaska to Mexico, and it is responsible for the unusually mild winter and early spring in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is unclear how long an anomaly will hold, but if it is delayed at least for one year, this would lead to the migration of some species of fish and marine animals to the north, which can cause irreversible environmental changes.