Hawaii lava flows pouring directly into the ocean


Hawaiian photographer Kauika Singson witnessed a unique phenomenon: he decided to capture the formation of a new piece of land on the shore of one of the islands. Kilauea volcano has been erupting continuously for more than three decades in the southern coast of the island of Hawaii in the territory of Hawaii Volcanic Park. Now the process of formation of volcanic delta – that's how geologists call the new land - is the most active.

The photographer manages to get close to the lava flows pouring into the ocean once a week. And that's a really dangerous process: the waves in this place are very high, and every time a person is at risk of being washed away into the hot streams. However, beauty is worth it, according to Singson. Therefore, he behaves as accurate as possible and wears a protective suit and respirator. Shootings take place early in the morning at sunrise, when the ocean is calm.