Happy Birthday, Neva Crawfish!


On March, 22, Da-Voda.com main hero Neva Crawfish celebrated his birthday. This date is very special for us three times, because this is a World Water Day and Baltic Sea day. Neva Crawfish has social media pages (Facebook and Vkontakte), where he chats with friends, tells about watersaving and answers questions of his friends all over Russia.

And on Saturday our hero was congratulated by friends who wished him success, being healthy and energetic, humour, blu skye, clear water, bright hearts around and "not to blush as much long as possible". Neva Crawfish got virtual postcards, musical greetings and poems. However, our hero these days is too bisy for celebration: he follows rapid events at the Marine Mammals Rehabilitation Centre in Repino, Saint-Petersburg and tells friends about all the current events.