Greenland Rises Above the Sea Due to Global Warming


Ice shield is almost goneMelting of the glaciers due to global warming would be dreadful for all people on Earth. Ecologists predict that it would lead to an abrupt rise of the sea level on the planet. New York and East Coast of the USA would be the first ones to go underwater. After that, several island states would share the fate of Atlantis as well. 

However, some territories might go above water, as it is already happening in Greenland. The island keeps growing by three centimeters per year, and this process would go even faster, the ecologists say. Whenever the island gets rid of its ice shield, it would be one kilometer higher above the ocean than now.

Nowadays, average thickness of Greenland ice shield is 2100 meters. This heavy cover presses the land into the ocean, and if it's gone, the island would emerge from the sea. Despite of the rise, disappearing of the ice shield would lead to loss of the total height of Greenland. Some parts of the island currently covered underwater would become visible, and its coastline would change dramatically.