Greenland Is Heating Up


Greenland keeps meltingMidsummer on the Island of Greenland was unusually hot, researchers say. The warmest period was July 8-12, when almost all the ice shield of the islland melted down. When scientists got to see the results of Greenland satellite observation, they decided that the system has mistaken: 97% of the island territory was free of ice.

Glaciologists from Switzerland that observe the island during the last 30 years confirm this fact. They haven't ever seen such fast melting of the ice shield. Scientists suppose that the melting was caused by a thermal dome, resistant region of warm air above Greenland. However, some glaciologists say that such fast melting of Greenland ice shield occurs every 150 years.

If it happens more often, some coastal cities will be threatened by a possible flooding. Even now Greenland ice melting causes the rise of the Oceans level by 3 mm every year.