Great Barrier Reef fades


The Great Barrier Reef is the largest population of coral in the world, which is situated near Australian shores. This unique nature object is 2500 km long and it's larger than Italy by its square. And now it has become endangered because of the planet temperature rise. Australian scientists who explored the Great Barrier Reef came to a conclusion that this giant accumulation of living organisms began in glacial period when the world ocean was 5 degrees colder. This temperature was extremely low for corals but nevertheless they survived and reproduced.

The Great Barrier reef
But will this UNESCO World Heritage List object bear the global climate change and ocean water temperature rise? Unfortunately, research leads us to bad conclusions. Last 8 thousand years the temperature has been rising, but it was a step-by-step process and the corals had time to adapt to the change. However, if the climate temperature records continue to be beaten, the unique ecosystem, whose bright colours are so much admired by both scientists and simple tourists, can first fade and then die.