Goldfish Captured American Lake


Teller Lake in Colorado (USA) is on the brink of ecological disaster. A few years ago, someone released there several aquarium goldfish. They settled down, bred and now threaten to displace all the local flora and fauna. Now there are thousands of these goldfish in the lake! Local environmental services have not yet decided how to deal with it. Still two ways to solve this non-trivial problem are under discussion.

The first way is to drain the whole lake, gathering all the native species of fish. Then to remove the goldfish, and to release back local fauna. The second method is to deafen fish with electricity, to collect only gold ones and to make cattle feed of them. In the meantime, residents of Colorado are urged not to throw fish into the lake - it is illegal and threatens the environment. By the way, this is not the first case of this kind in the state. Three years Lake Thunderbird was attacked by carps (koi).