Global Warming Causes Sea Turtles to Move


Marine biologists studied the behavior of all seven species of sea turtles that inhabit tropical and subtropical areas. They assume that climate changes force the animals to search for new places for reproduction processes. This research was performed by a group of scientists of the School of marine and tropical biology of James Cook University (Australia).

Sea turtles are akready at great concern of biologists due to high risk of extinction

Due to global warming common places of sea turtles habitat become intolerably hot for successful incubation of egg layings. But the farther the place is from the equator, the more convenient it gets for turtle reproduction. Unfortunately, sea turtles can't adjust to climate changes right away, and a lot of preborn reptiles perish in their eggs. Besides that, the climate has been unstable everywhere on the planet. Therefore, this rare genus of reptiles might become extinct pretty soon, the biologists warn.

Photo: Shutterstock.