Global Warming Annoys Sharks


Excessive aggressiveness of sharks is caused by global warming and increasing tourist activityIncreasing number of tourists and spreading of tourist attraction sites, as well as the global warning – these two reasons explain outburst of aggressive behavior of sharks in 2011, scientists say.

In 2011 sharks attacked people more often than usual. Such incidents took place even outside sharks’ natural habitat – for example, at the Seychelles, in New Caledonia and Primorsky Krai of Russia. Ichthyologists are sure that it’s the global warming that drives sharks out of their natural habitat.  

Increased number of tourists is probably the reason of sharks’ increased aggressiveness: people visit places where sharks could be found, and the local emergency services aren’t used to watching after larger number of tourists.

All of the stated above led to a sad statistic data: in 2011 46 shark attacks were registered, 12 of them were lethal.

In fact, sharks obviously are not content with humans either. Some species are at risk of extinction because of ecological issues and illegal fishery.