Fugu Fish Found in the Adriatic Sea


Famous Japanese dainty seafood was regularly found in the seas of Asia and Oceania. However, the toxic puffer has expanded its habitat to Europe! Recently it was captured near Croatian coastline. This fish inhabits seas and oceans from Southern China to Eastern islands of Oceania, and from Japan to North Australian shelf. It has never and ever been captured in European water bodies up until now! The experts still have no clue how it could have happened, but apparently the fish was doing rather well in the Adriatic! 

Apparently, Japanese chefs are to teach Croatian ones to cook the new fish found in the Adriatic: it is fugu!

Fugu fish is protected from predators by a very strong toxin. It is allowed to be cooked in Japan only by chefs who attended a special fugu cooking class and obtained a certificate of acknowledgement. Which is rather reasonable: one wrong move, and the clients who ordered the delicasy are dead! 

Photo: Shutterstock.