"Floating Hiroshima" is No Longer Dangerous


Marina Kovtun, head of the Murmansk region, visited shipyard "Nerpa", located above the Arctic Circle. The plant has been recycling floating technical base "Lepse", nicknamed "Polar Chernobyl" and "Floating Hiroshima" by journalists as it contains more than six hundred fuel assemblies with nuclear waste. The story of the "Lepse" worried not only Russia, but other Arctic countries. And finally, the international team of experts came to the conclusion that the threat of nuclear pollution in northern waters can be reduced to zero.

The plant has been recycling floating technical base

According to the liquidators, the problem is that the fuel spent on a floating base is classified as "damaged" and therefore it's impossible just to remove it from the compartments. That's why in 2014 "Nerpa" staff had to develop special equipment and technologies to adapt the dangerous object to recycling. In 2015 it is planned to utilize the ship's hull, and to build a special shelter and make equipment for the removal of spent nuclear fuel a year later. The work is planned to be finished in 2017 but the Utilization Project "Lepse" is already called a true example of environmental cooperation in the Arctic.