Fishermen from Australia Disapprove Eco-Plans of the Government


Подводный мирAustralia is planning to create the largest network of marine parks to protect the environment from the impact of industry and fishery. Restricted territory would cover near two-thirds of Australian maritime belt. However, fishermen and representatives of oil & gas industry strongly disapprove this decision.

Waters of the Coral Sea – from the Great Barrier Reef to the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia – is a natural habitat for many unique and endangered species, such as blue whales and green turtles.

Австралия жертвует рыболовной отраслью ради экологииAccording to the new law, all oil and gas extraction would be prohibited throughout the marine park territories, while commercial fishing would be restricted. To even out the conflict, Australian authorities plan to reciprocate fishery companies for a total of AUD100 million.

Nevertheless, local ecologists are still not content with the prohibition of natural resources extraction near the restricted territories. Several parts of western shelfline of Australia are still open for geological survey: Shell and Woodside Petroleum have recently managed to obtain a license for it.