Fish Tolerate Stress Easier in Among Their Own Species


The Academy of Sciences of Lisbon (Portugal) specialists have conducted an experiment on aquarium zebrafish. They have found out that in the presence of the «friends» fear and anxiety level in the subjects had reduced.

Fish Tolerate Stress Easier in Among Their Own Species

The reef has started to lose its color, even in 2014. The discoloration is due to the fact that corals lose the microscopic algae intolerant to warm or dirty water. White corals are extremely vulnerable to disease and may die.

During the study, a substance causing fear was added to the aquarium with the zebrafish. The drug was obtained by washing off the damaged skin of fish. Within 30 minutes, scientists recorded how often fish freezes (this behavior is a sign of fear). At the same time in the next aquarium «friends», a couple of the same zebrafish, were placed. Also, the experimental water was poured with water, in which earlier there were other fishes of the same kind - to check the action of olfactory signals.

It turned out that in the sight of companions, regardless of their number, the fish felt themselves 5-10 times calmer. Moreover, the visual stimulus was more effective than the smell.