Fish Got Addicted to Antidepressants


Antidepressants kill the fishMedicine prescribed to humans might affect animals and fish too. Traces of medications with feces flow to treatment plants with other wastewaters. However, most plants cannot treat wastewaters polluted with medications, and water with drugs is dumped to rivers and seas.

The most common medications in the countries of North America are antidepressants. For example, every fourth resident of Montreal uses them. Scientists studied the influence of antidepressants on the Saint Lawrence River and its ecosystem. Due to large concentration of antidepressants in the water population of most fish species has declined greatly over the past ten years.

Drugged fish become very apathetic and ignore any danger. This is the effect of antidepressants that we, humans, require, but serenity in the wild means death.

Similar situation is observed in New York, London and other large cities all around the world.