Fish Died of Cold in Russia


This was claimed by the authorities of Ryazan region, Russia, when they were commenting on mass death of fish in one of local rivers. Recently dead fish was found in the Lybed river (not to be confused with another Lybed river which flows through the territory of Chernobyl Atomic Station). Specialists made some laboratory reseach and couldn’t decide definetely what killed the inhabitants of the river.

Мертвая рыба в реке Лыбедь

They examined 12 chemical parameters of water probes from three different places in local laboratory, and didn’t find any fluctuations from quality standards. And then local authorities came to help the specialists and to announce the causes of fish death. According to them, the fish couldn’t bear the fluctuations of autumn temperatures which could happen in the water reservoir. By the way it’s not the first time when the administration of Ryazan surprised the citizens with strange statements. For example, once they explained a strong chemical smell by a large amount of blue-green algae.

Photo: imenno