European Beavers Have Returned to England


Despite the simple name, this kind of beavers was almost completely destroyed by the British hunters in the XVI century. However, a couple of years ago a couple of young animals was spotted on the River Otter in Devon. Last year they gave birth to calfs, and this year the family has finally got official permission to stay in the wild. Initially local landowners were against it: they were afraid that beavers can spread some parasitic or infectious diseases.European Beavers Have Returned to EnglandIt was assumed that the animals would be relocated to the wildlife park, or perhaps they would be taken to the zoo. However, this would be contrary to animal protection legislation of the European Union. Therefore Devonian ecologists have asserted the right of the beavers to stay on the river Otter with a complete veterinary examination of the animals as a compromise. Doctors confirmed that these animals were rare European beavers indeed and that they had no dangerous infections. Now environmentalists are developing a program to save the family of beavers in the woods of Devonshire.