Enormous Herring King Found near California Coast


Dead herring king was discovered lying on the sand near the coast of Santa-Catalina Island, California, by diving instructor, Jasmine Santana. The gigantic fish is over 5.5 meters long and as thick as an average male adult! Miss Santana found the herring king on the sandy seabed during her snorkeling session. Now the diving instructor is the local celebrity, since no fish of such tremendous size has ever been found either by scientists or by local fishermen.

Enormous herring king is the largest specimen ever found in California

It took 15 men to carry the herring king ashore. Later on, the fish was transported to the local Sea Instutute. The head of the research group was specifically astonished by the size of the specimen. After a short examination the herring king will be preserved at a local national history museum. By the way, the herring king is not related to real herring by any means. It acquired its name from the fishermen who often trauled these fish along with the herring schools.