Elephant Seals Get Infected with Swine Flu


Scientists who studied southern elephant seas at California coast of the Pacific discovered this fact after a series of research. The program commenced in 2007, but the results are obtained only now. Whenever the inhabitants of Planet Earth fell to the new flu virus, H1N1, the zoologists started looking for an evidence proving that elephant seals could also bear the virus. They gathered nasal rheum samples from 900 animals and discovered that two of them were infected, and 28 had antibodies for H1N1.

Elephant seals get infected with swine flu too

Now researchers try to figure out how the swine flu virus infected the elephant seals. As the research data indicate, all elephant seals tested back in 2007-2008 were healthy. Then they made all the way to the open sea and never contacted with terrestial mammals. However, by the end of the season part of the animals was already infected. If the scientists manage to solve this mysterious puzzle, we might learn a lot about pandemies and how they spread all over the Earth. 

Photo: Shutterstock.